Will the Real Carters Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Carters Please Stand Up?

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There’s Ceaser and Cleopatra, Barack and Michelle and then there is the iconic pair of Jay-Z and Beyoncé in a stratosphere all by themselves.

In case you have, like me, made the ill-informed conclusion that there was trouble in paradise the Carters have quelled such silly talk with their new album “Everything is love”

Esquire magazine calls it “an enlightened conclusion to hip-hops greatest trilogy”

Describing “Everything is Love” as the capstone to Beyoncé’s 2017 album Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44

At the expense of having this platform swarmed with bee emoji’s (cos you beyhive people don’t play), I have to disagree.

I’m one of those people that love what the iconic duo represent and not necessarily who they have become, if that makes much sense.

Lemonade was great and so was 4:44 but I think something a little more sinister was afoot with the release of those albums.

Both were critically acclaimed, praised for being raw and open and fans were grateful to the Carters for sharing their lives, but the skeptic in me sees it all as one big PR stunt. 

Beyoncé has never been one to follow trends. In the era of  electro pop with David Guetta featuring whoever ruled the mid to late 2000’s, Queen B went against the grain and released her R&B album Sasha Fierce followed by 4, both of which did well commercially and critically. Jay-z also dropped the track DOA off his 11th studio album, Blue Print 3.  There he dissed rappers that would stoop so low as to water down their craft and resort to the gimmickry of auto tune.

It seemed like the Carters were all about the art at some point, not resorting to cheap tactics like a lot of their counterparts to stay relevant. They were also notoriously private, for example Beyoncé didn’t have an Instagram account till 2012 and till this day follows no one. Their 2008 nuptials was a very, very private affair with only about *** people in attendance. Their lives were shrouded in a lot of secrecy and people were for the most part fine with it, I know I was.

Now fast forward to Beyonce’s 2017 release of Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 release shortly after and what you have are the makings of your typical telenovela.

As an artist myself, I believe it can indeed enrich ones work to infuse personal experiences in their craft, but I wouldn’t drop the name and zip code of the boy who did me dirty in 200 level on a track. There is a thin line between sharing one’s life with fans and just straight up TMI.

What’s going on with Jay and Bey?

Here’s my theory

It was the elevator incident that started it all.

Circa 2012 at the Met Gala, Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange was caught on camera assaulting Jay-z and Beyoncé was seen standing idly by as Solange launched punches at her brother In-law. As we all remember, a deluge of conspiracy theories swiftly followed and that sparked the beginning of the end of privacy for the Carter Empire.

That was the tipping point for their careers, their prefect facade was destroyed and it had both Jay’s and Beyoncé’s PR teams contorting themselves into pretzels trying to make it all go way.

I guess one could argue that they had no choice, rather than have people pick out pieces of their lives and over analyze it, they might as well spill the beans in spectacular fashion and release tell all albums. The carters for the first time in their respective careers, were dragged into the light and they had to resort to using their personal lives as source material for their craft, while it been known to happen in showbiz several times, it all just seems a bit beneath them. Just my two cents.

While I’m sticking to my theory I will say this; I like that they are the most powerful couple in showbiz since, well- ever. I like even more that they are black, it gives us people of color something to aspire to.

What I do not think is so dope, is airing their dirty laundry, it all seems so staged. I personally prefer the more wholesome Carters, who were shrouded in mystery. No one could tell what going was really on with them and it was so freaking iconic. They just shared pure talent with the world untainted by family drama.

Perhaps I need to get off my high horse and stop being so darn naïve.

I mean Jigga’s Private jet (bought for him in spectacular boss lady style by his wife) isn’t going to fuel its self, plus it isn’t going to be chump change to sending Blue-Ivy and her two siblings to Princeton or wherever.

In the end they are Mr. and Mrs. freaking Carter, a gale force wind the likes of which the entertainment industry has never seen. While I’m not all together stoked about their current life choices, I’ll never go as far as making the ill-advised decision of not putting some “respek” on their names.

Download or stream “Everything is love” and share what you think with us.


Credit: Tobi Akhanamoya

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