Taking Risks, Osa 7’s way of Life

Taking Risks, Osa 7’s way of Life

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Artworks and art forms are things that were not appreciated in times past, in fact, artists were considered a joke to the society. It is surprising how a continent that thrived on art in ancient times advanced to a point where they no longer saw art as relevant. However, things are changing, and a lot of people are starting to appreciate and invest in art, so much, so the number of artists and art lovers has grown remarkably in the last ten years. Artists no longer have to practice in the shadows but can now proudly follow their passions and do their bit to make the world a better, more colourful and interesting place.

Osa 7, an African urban artist and design consultant is one of the artists from Nigeria who has chosen graffiti as his form of artistic expression. Left his full-time job for the love of art and was one of the ground-breaking graffiti artists in Nigeria with notable works all around the country. He made the bold move to step out of the ordinary and what others considered normal, to create a niche for himself and it worked out well for him. You can spot his works splattered on walls in different parts of the country, each one telling its own story and adding beauty and relevance to a previously dull and boring surface.

He studied art in school despite what people at the time were saying about art and decided to make a difference, and now we see other budding graffiti artists having a voice and taking pride in their art. Africa has a lot of talented young artists who need to be encouraged in expressing their art and telling their own stories, thereby finding fulfilment in themselves and their work. For someone like Osa 7 to resort to doing something that people consider as “Not normal,” to make his mark, it goes to show how far your passions and aspirations can take you as long as you are willing to work for it.

Art in Africa has grown from being ignored to one of the appreciated careers in Africa, and it also generates good revenue as well. Artists are making bold moves and adding a lot of spice and colour to our daily lives through different art forms. Osa 7 shows us that hard work pays and following your dreams may not be easy, but it can be worth it in the end.

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