Nigerian Music producer or Cinematographer? Toye Toye Aru Does Both

Nigerian Music producer or Cinematographer? Toye Toye Aru Does Both

  • Friday, Oct 27, 2017
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EnnovateNG met up with Toye Arulogun, one of Nigeria’s youngest cinematographers with bumper talent in Nigerian music production. Toye (now 22years old) was only six-years when his love for music and interest in playing the drum set and piano began.  He applied his musical talent in his school choir, and played instruments for his church choir.


I took piano lessons at six, briefly, in one month. I was supposed to play at my grandmother’s birthday, and had to take 2-3 weeks piano lessons. It was there I learnt to play basic gospel songs and later joined the school choir at 13 years to play the drums” he says…

Afterwards,  Toye Arulogun also known by his Nigerian music moniker ‘Aruu’ advanced into making beats on his father’s desktop computer. He began creating beats on PCs while he was in secondary school.  According to him, he overheard his friends talking about piano rules and how “you don’t need to use the piano to play the piano”.


His journey into the field of cinematography was unpremeditated. By the time he passed an entrance examination to study mass- communication in a prestigious university in Nigeria, he became convinced by his father’s decision to study abroad. This led him to staying out of school for a year. While he awaited admission to study abroad, he made good efforts in developing his skills as a music producer by attending studio sessions and producing songs for artistes.  After his compulsory gap year, he gained admission to study ‘Media Practice’ at The University of Sussex, England. There, he learnt the intricacies of cinematography and began his journey as a professional cinematographer.


Some of the major works that owe credits to his name includes:

Sweet Loving by Libati (Music video)

Kit blasé by Sugar(Song)

Bridge by Los(Song)

Delicious Naija– MAGGI (Documentary Series).

Unexpected Visitors– A Dark drama


Toye ‘Aru’ is now rounding up his NYSC service year with IBST media, a production company in Nigeria. He lived in the U.K for four years and when asked if he planned to return overseas, he simply said, “No, I am here to stay” (Nigeria, his home country) … However, he would love to do some work there, but says  “the pounds(currency) is too expensive”.


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