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Idong Harrie

Idong Harrie Limited, a footwear and accessory manufacturing and retailing company based in Lagos that specializes in handmade shoes, slippers, sandals, wallets, handbags and all manner of small leather accessories.

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Fastizers: Cookie Production in Nigeria

Fastizers Food and Confectionery Limited is a rapidly emerging food manufacturing company in Nigeria. In the year 2010, Fastizers started with its first production of cookies desiring to cater to its immediate community. They currently run an automated production factory fitted with modern baking equipment.

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Tarma Awobotu

Tamar Awobotu is a very successful International model, Tourism Ambassador and Philanthropist. She won TopModel worldwide in 2012 and is presently under Ice Model management in South Africa.

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Meet Ugandan Model – Ramona

Ramona Fouziah is an Ugandan model who has always had a passion for the fashion and modelling industry. Ramona has featured in various TV/editorial/commercial campaigns as well as runway shows, and has worked with some of the best photographers in the world. In 2014, she moved to Lagos, Nigeria, where she currently resides and works as a full time model.

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Meet Banke Meshida Lawal

Banke Meshida Lawal is the Head Makeup Artist & CEO of BM Pro Makeup; Nigeria’s pioneer Makeup and Beauty Studio. BMPro is a multi-faceted business that boasts of a training school, a cosmetic makeup line with over 40 products, an online magazine and a beauty advisory.

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Meet Creative Photographer – Reze Bonna

Reze Bonna is a Nigerian who runs an architectural/ fashion photography shop in South Africa, catering to a number of agencies. He strives for something unique, beyond the client’s boundaries. His work is daring and out of the box in all forms of fashion, glamour and architectural photography, including portraiture. His work always remains innovative and creative.

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Meet the brand – Hessey Design

Hesey designs is a Nigerian fashion brand which specializes in the designing and production of handcrafted bags, shoes, fashion accessories, corporate gift items with African, continental and a variety of materials.

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Fela and the Towels

Fela is Africa’s musical legend who used his music as a tool to challenge military regimes in Nigeria. With his large band, including his dancer wives, he toured the world with his music. The “Fela and the Towel” is an animated skit on one of the many untold stories that makes the life of Fela, Africa’s Legend, as narrated by his son, Femi Kuti.

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