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DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt, is a Nigerian disc jockey who is revered as one of the pioneering hiphop DJs in Nigeria. He is best known for his Jimmy’s Jump Off concert, an event he started in 2008 to become one of the most attended entertainment events in Nigeria.

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2 Minutes with Nelson Jack

Nelson Jack is an household brand that is known for innovations in the event production setup in Nigeria. He made a name for himself in the industry by providing excellent and world class event solutions to clients.

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2 minutes with Trevboi Amosun

EnnovateNG meets with fast rising rap artiste and singer, Trevboi Amosun and he talked about his challenges and determination to succeed in the Nigerian music industry.

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Taking Risks, Osa 7’s way of Life

Artworks and art forms are things that were not appreciated in times past, in fact, artists were considered a joke to the society. It is surprising how a continent that thrived on art in ancient times advanced to a point where they no longer saw art as relevant. However, things are changing, and a lot of people are starting to appreciate and invest in art, so much, so the number of artists and art lovers has grown remarkably in the last ten years. Artists no longer have to practice in the shadows but can now proudly follow their passions and do their bit to make the world a better, more colourful and interesting place.

Osa 7, an African urban artist and design consultant is one of the artists from Nigeria who has chosen graffiti as his form of artistic expression. Left his full-time job for the love of art and was one of the ground-breaking graffiti artists in Nigeria with notable works all around the country. He made the bold move to step out of the ordinary and what others considered normal, to create a niche for himself and it worked out well for him. You can spot his works splattered on walls in different parts of the country, each one telling its own story and adding beauty and relevance to a previously dull and boring surface.

He studied art in school despite what people at the time were saying about art and decided to make a difference, and now we see other budding graffiti artists having a voice and taking pride in their art. Africa has a lot of talented young artists who need to be encouraged in expressing their art and telling their own stories, thereby finding fulfilment in themselves and their work. For someone like Osa 7 to resort to doing something that people consider as “Not normal,” to make his mark, it goes to show how far your passions and aspirations can take you as long as you are willing to work for it.

Art in Africa has grown from being ignored to one of the appreciated careers in Africa, and it also generates good revenue as well. Artists are making bold moves and adding a lot of spice and colour to our daily lives through different art forms. Osa 7 shows us that hard work pays and following your dreams may not be easy, but it can be worth it in the end.

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Meet Ceci Lagos

Go behind the brand with Ennovate.ng as we discover the young talented fashion designer who is responsible for a lot of stylish pieces worn by Nigerians.

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Nigerian Music producer or Cinematographer? Toye Toye Aru Does Both

EnnovateNG met up with Toye Arulogun, one of Nigeria’s youngest cinematographers with bumper talent in Nigerian music production. Toye (now 22years old) was only six-years when his love for music and interest in playing the drum set and piano began.  He applied his musical talent in his school choir, and played instruments for his church choir.


I took piano lessons at six, briefly, in one month. I was supposed to play at my grandmother’s birthday, and had to take 2-3 weeks piano lessons. It was there I learnt to play basic gospel songs and later joined the school choir at 13 years to play the drums” he says…

Afterwards,  Toye Arulogun also known by his Nigerian music moniker ‘Aruu’ advanced into making beats on his father’s desktop computer. He began creating beats on PCs while he was in secondary school.  According to him, he overheard his friends talking about piano rules and how “you don’t need to use the piano to play the piano”.


His journey into the field of cinematography was unpremeditated. By the time he passed an entrance examination to study mass- communication in a prestigious university in Nigeria, he became convinced by his father’s decision to study abroad. This led him to staying out of school for a year. While he awaited admission to study abroad, he made good efforts in developing his skills as a music producer by attending studio sessions and producing songs for artistes.  After his compulsory gap year, he gained admission to study ‘Media Practice’ at The University of Sussex, England. There, he learnt the intricacies of cinematography and began his journey as a professional cinematographer.


Some of the major works that owe credits to his name includes:

Sweet Loving by Libati (Music video)

Kit blasé by Sugar(Song)

Bridge by Los(Song)

Delicious Naija– MAGGI (Documentary Series).

Unexpected Visitors– A Dark drama


Toye ‘Aru’ is now rounding up his NYSC service year with IBST media, a production company in Nigeria. He lived in the U.K for four years and when asked if he planned to return overseas, he simply said, “No, I am here to stay” (Nigeria, his home country) … However, he would love to do some work there, but says  “the pounds(currency) is too expensive”.


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