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African City Spotlight – Abuja

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located in the centre of the country within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is a planned city and was built mainly in the 1980s, replacing the country’s most populous city of Lagos as the capital on 12 December 1991.

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Discover Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north; Niger to the east; Benin to the southeast; Togo and Ghana to the south; and Ivory Coast to the southwest. Its capital is Ouagadougou.

Burkina Faso is a francophone country, with French as the official language of government and business with an estimated population of 20 million.

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Nachamada Geoffrey – Wildlife Preservation

Poaching is the illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals. Endangered animals are slaughtered so that a single body part like tusks or bones can be illegally sold for huge sums of money.

Meet Nachamada Geoffrey, Finalist of the Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa, 2017 as we walk through the challenges and preventive measures taken in Yankari Game reserves.

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Lagos: From Future Past

Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria, second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. Follow us as we travel back in time to catch a glimpse of what most notable places looked like in the past.

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Bogobiri House – Art & Culture

Bogobiri House, an African themed hotel is a two minute walk from the high-spirited bustle of Ikoyi’s Awolowo Road. The Bogobiri experience is all about art, culture, food, networking and the love of live music performances.

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Aerial Views of Nigeria: Volume 2

Northern Nigeria, an ethnically and religiously diverse state was an autonomous division within Nigeria, distinctly different from the southern part of the country, with independent customs, foreign relations and security structures. The Hausa, Fulani, and Gbagyi people dominate much of the North Western and central parts of the Country. While the Hausa and Fula are chiefly Muslims, they also have a Christian history.

Follow EnnovateNG as we explore the North by air.

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Aerial Views of Nigeria by Air

Nigeria, a country composed of multiple ethnic groups and cultures. With approximately 186 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. Nigeria has the third-largest youth population in the world, after India and China.

Follow EnnovateNG as we explore the beautiful country called Nigeria by Air.

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Taking Risks, Osa 7’s way of Life

Artworks and art forms are things that were not appreciated in times past, in fact, artists were considered a joke to the society. It is surprising how a continent that thrived on art in ancient times advanced to a point where they no longer saw art as relevant. However, things are changing, and a lot of people are starting to appreciate and invest in art, so much, so the number of artists and art lovers has grown remarkably in the last ten years. Artists no longer have to practice in the shadows but can now proudly follow their passions and do their bit to make the world a better, more colourful and interesting place.

Osa 7, an African urban artist and design consultant is one of the artists from Nigeria who has chosen graffiti as his form of artistic expression. Left his full-time job for the love of art and was one of the ground-breaking graffiti artists in Nigeria with notable works all around the country. He made the bold move to step out of the ordinary and what others considered normal, to create a niche for himself and it worked out well for him. You can spot his works splattered on walls in different parts of the country, each one telling its own story and adding beauty and relevance to a previously dull and boring surface.

He studied art in school despite what people at the time were saying about art and decided to make a difference, and now we see other budding graffiti artists having a voice and taking pride in their art. Africa has a lot of talented young artists who need to be encouraged in expressing their art and telling their own stories, thereby finding fulfilment in themselves and their work. For someone like Osa 7 to resort to doing something that people consider as “Not normal,” to make his mark, it goes to show how far your passions and aspirations can take you as long as you are willing to work for it.

Art in Africa has grown from being ignored to one of the appreciated careers in Africa, and it also generates good revenue as well. Artists are making bold moves and adding a lot of spice and colour to our daily lives through different art forms. Osa 7 shows us that hard work pays and following your dreams may not be easy, but it can be worth it in the end.

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African City Spotlight: Yaounde

Football, Iconic buildings and lots of natural spaces… Yaounde is a lovely African city in Cameroon that has its own unique identity. Wouldn’t you like to visit?

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Top 5 Fascinating Waterfalls in Nigeria

Its almost that time of the year when Africans around the world seek to return home; those abroad travel back to the African cities and those in the cities tend to return to the towns and villages. Families are reunited, love relationships are rekindled and generally christmas is family bonding time. Apart from the loads of food and visits from that uncle and his family that you cant remember all their names but smile so no one’s feelings are hurt, Christmas quickly becomes boring or at least mundane. There is only so much fried chicken one can consume. However, a family holiday trip almost always adds a dynamic twist to the christmas experience, so here are a list of 5 fascinating waterfalls from across Nigeria. Why waterfalls? Well lets just say there is a good geographic spread of waterfalls across Nigeria so regardless of where you are spending the christmas holiday at chances are there is a waterfall near you.


Here is our top 5 list of Fascinating waterfalls to visit from across Nigeria.


Which would you love to visit and which have you been to already

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