Aquaman Movie Review

Aquaman Movie Review

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I’m no comic head, but the portrayal of the DC universe on the silver screen is often dark, dreary and lackluster and it appears Aquaman’s corner of this universe is no different.  

Apart from the Batman franchise (specifically Christopher Nolan’s) and the surprise success of Wonder Woman, DC movies are typically tragic.

Jason Mamoa , breathtaking underwater scenes and surprisingly good acting from Patrick Wilson an actor with as much personality as a wall painted beige, hold the movie together somewhat.

The story of Aquaman mirrors that of King Arthur, a seeming misfit with redeemable attributes must go on a journey of self-discovery to lay hold of his destiny, except in this story a golden pitchfork not the Excalibur.

It’s important to mention that Jason Mamoa is much more than a delectable slab of meat, he has a depth of character, quick wit and swag for days all of which make him a leading man worth his weight in salt. The movie Aquaman despite its best efforts, did not taint all that Jason has going for him. A testament to the fact that the movie is bad, but perhaps not that bad.

Ladies if you decide to defy this article and brave this movie, bear in mind that you are going in to watch  your typical over bloated CGI blockbuster, with a rickety storyline and awkwardly timed humor-but console yourself with the fact that Jason will make it all worth it.

For the guys, well… you’re going to be upset all through the movie, till you get to the fight scenes somewhere towards the end of the movie.

As far as we are concerned here at the Buzz Stop, there’s literally one scene that tickled us a little bit. It involves an octopus and a set of drums.

That’s all we’ll say about this movie. We rate it a 3 out 10.

Have you seen it? Share your comments with us in the section below.

Aquaman is now showing in cinemas across Nigeria.

Movie Review: Aquaman 

Credit: Tobi Akhanamoya

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