A Rose will Always be a Rose: My Tribute to the Queen of Soul.

A Rose will Always be a Rose: My Tribute to the Queen of Soul.

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Most people have an inner child and then there’s me with my inner adult.

I believe I am born in the wrong generation, I know this not because I’m something of a pseudo intellectual that likes to throw big words around, I know this because I have come up have a little conspiracy that I think explains why I’m wired the way I am.

Here goes…

I was kidnaped from the 1960’s,  shoved into a time capsule and transported to a hospital on Allen Avenue in 1992, where I found myself to be a wailing baby in the arms of my mother.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, I have long made peace with the quirks that have colored me all shades of weird. I prefer quiet nights holed up in my room watching my favorite series, to a night out on the town. I’m the friend you do not want having access to your aux chord if I’m riding shotgun in your vehicle, as I will assault your musical taste buds with Lauryn hill, Laylah Hathaway and at least three songs by Aretha franklin

  1. Bridge over troubled water
  2. Her rendition of Sam cook’s A change is Gonna come
  3. Giving him something he can feel.

I do not recall the exact moment I heard her music and my life was forever changed, I do know however, that the matriarch of soul music is well deserving of every single accolade.

Her death indeed heralds the end of an era.

That being said, I won’t get so carried away by my grief as to say that there aren’t artistes in every corner of the world paying homage to her in one way or the other with their music.

Just as the torch was passed down from Ella Fitzgerald, to Aretha, to Whitney Houston, to Beyoncé Knowles and to a YouTube sensation called Abbey Smith, there will continue to be songbirds in every generation whose vocal prowess is owing to those that have come before them.

What I have learnt from the passing of the great Aretha Franklin is this, whatever we do, we must do with all our heart. We must use our craft whatever it might be to leave a mark on our world.

We might not be inducted into halls of fame around the globe or earn all the notoriety we’ve ever dreamed of, but getting the R.E.S.P.E.C.T of those around us in the pursuit of honing whatever talent we are blessed with, is a great place to start.



Credit: Tobi Akhanamoya

Author Bio

Tobi Akhanamoya is your typical millennial. She loves selfies, has an occasional penchant for punctuating with cuss words and wants to “change the world”.

She works as a corporate communications officer at MTN Nigeria by day and by night? Well….you’ll find her asleep on her comfy bed and fluffy pillow after a long hard day of stirring up controversy.

Instagram : @Osione_Akhanamoya 

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